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A young man watches a state of the art, interactive television, only to realize that the TV is so interactive that the people on screen are watching him too.

Tim (Tam Williams) returns home after another day at work, settles down in front of his brand new, state of the art, interactive TV, unaware that the newsreader (Richard Laing) and weather girl (Jemma Dallender) on the 24 hour rolling news program are watching him too. He is increasingly oblivious to the way that the news team is dependent on him, and the growing infatuation for him that the weather girl develops.

Screenplay by Maria de Luca from an original screen story by Matthew Scott-Perry; produced by Quay Chu and Ramsey Whittle-Jeffers; directed by Matthew Scott-Perry. Starring Tam Williams, Richard Laing, Jemma Dallender and Margaret Clunie.

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Expert jewel thief, Will Sinclair, nearly pulls off the heist of his career – stealing the fabulous Corcovado Diamond from the Natural History Museum in London during a fundraising gala. While making his getaway, Will is forced to hide the diamond in a make-up bag belonging to one of three showgirls in a Frank Sinatra tribute act. Not knowing which of the girls, Amy, Belle or Cyn, has the diamond, but knowing they’ll be travelling to the seaside town of Brighton, Will decides to romance each of them in order to retrieve his loot.

Using the same skills and stealth that make him such a successful thief, and aided by his ever-faithful associate Sam, Will engineers meetings with each of the three girls straight out of a romantic comedy. Careful to never to see more than one at any time, Will tries desperately to keep the three oblivious to the fact that they’re all dating the same man!

How long can he keep up the multiple deceptions? Will the girls ever find out who he really is and what he’s after? And as their week in Brighton continues, Will wonders if he might have found something even more exotic and exciting than the diamond...

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